47 Food Hacks to Help You Eat Healthier

The best ways to "eat healthy" depend on your goals. Once you know what you're working toward — like eating fewer calories or more protein — use the tips below from New-York-based registered dietitian Isabel Smith and Ilyse Schapiro, registered dietitian and co-author of Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? to make it happen:

  1. Eat cold greens instead of warm ones. Crisp lettuce takes up more room on the plate and requires more crunching. While it's probably not the greens themselves that pack on the pounds, there's something to be said for filling up your plate (and your mouth) with salad instead of other stuff.
  2. Blot oil off of pizza. Blotting the oil off of pizza can save you up to 50 calories a slice, Schapiro says. And if you abide by the belief that every calorie counts, that's not nothing.
  3. Opt for plain, dark meat poultry instead of light meat loaded with condiments. Dark meats (like chicken thighs) get a bad rep for containing more fat and calories per ounce than white meat (like chicken breast). But dark meat, which tends to be more moist and flavorful than its lighter counterpart, only has about 10 more calories per ounce, according to Schapiro. And because light meat tends to be on the dry side, you end up covering it in condiments, which can contribute loads of calories that settle the score. So, as long as you eat dark meat without the extra fixings, it could be a better choice than white meat drowned in ketchup, gravy, or cranberry sauce.
  4. Top pasta and pizza with garlic powder, fresh grated pepper, or red pepper instead of grated Parmesan. The calories in spices are negligible, while a couple heaping tablespoons of Parmesan cheese can easily tack on 50 calories, Schapiro says.
  5. Eat bagel flats instead of full bagels. This trick beats scooping out the dough, which saves calories but also makes more room for high-calorie fillings.


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