17 Healthy Make Ahead Work Lunch Ideas

Are you looking to mix up your lunch meal prep? Check out these 17 healthy make ahead work lunch ideas that you can make for work this week!

Are you looking to mix up your lunch meal prep? Check out these 17 healthy make ahead work lunch ideas that you can make for work this week! Cold Lunch options included!
Are you looking to save some money? Or are you looking to eat healthier throughout the day? Either way, these healthy make ahead work lunch ideas are perfect to help you stay on a budget and eat healthier! When I first started working 8 hour days, I would use that as an excuse to treat myself to buy lunch at one of the make take-out places nearby since I was working all day. That $10-15 a day then started to add up and that’s one of the reasons I started meal prepping my work lunches.

At first, I would just bring dinner leftovers for work lunches like my partner did. However, that didn’t really work for me. So I started meal prepping healthy lunches separately instead. That’s actually how this blog started to shift more towards food than fitness! I had wanted to share my meal prep ideas because I wanted share what I was making and how easy it can be!

Anyways, today I rounded up some of my favourite healthy make ahead work lunch ideas from some fellow bloggers (and some from this blog!) to share with you. All it takes is a couple of hours (or less) on your day off and you’re set for some delicious healthy meals for the work week! (Bonus: the second half of this list are make ahead cold work lunches that are great for summer or if you don’t have access to a microwave at work!) Be sure to share your favourite healthy make ahead lunches down below in the comments!


  • I’m a huge fan of glass containers for packing my lunches in as they’re great for reheating in the microwave and they don’t hold onto smells over time. You can even get containers that have dividers if you want to keep certain components of your meal separate.
  • You’ll see below that I’m also a fan of mason jars as they’re great for soups or anything that is layered (ie salad with dressing on the bottom).
  • I’m obsessed with my Instant Pot as I can set it and forget it and a delicious meal prep comes out of it afterwards!
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