20 Vegan Soup Recipes for a Healthy Gut

Cozy soup recipes are a staple in our home, especially during the winter months! Today we've gathered up 20 of our favorite vegan soup recipes that are healthy for the gut!

20 Vegan Soup Recipes for A Healthy Gut

It's been SO chilly lately and cozy soup recipes have been calling my name! January so far has been all about getting back into a routine and getting back on track with my eating. December was full of eating and drinking, which ended up having a huge impact on my digestion. I've been feeling tired, sluggish and not regular, which has caused issues with my sleep and confidence levels.

Since it's also a time of year where we crave curling up on the couch and staying warm, I figured rounding up some easy and healthy soup recipes would be a perfect way to not only nourish my gut but also help me get back on track. All these vegan soup recipes are loaded with nutritious ingredients and are great for healing the gut.

Creamy soups are my own personal favorite, but this list has all kinds of unique soup recipes so everyone will find something to love. Whether you love easy slow cooker recipes, spicy soups, or chunky soups loaded with ALL the veggies, you're in the right place! Many of these recipes are from SQ, but I've also included recipes from some of my favorite bloggers as well.

There's sure to be something for everyone on this list, so don't forget to pin this post so that you can come back to this list over and over again!

Full read and GET ALL RECIPE here https://www.simplyquinoa.com/vegan-soup-recipes/


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